Stay active, stand tall & feel healthy... until your old!



Chiropractic is the largest natural healthcare profession in the world. We provide effective treatment for back pain, various musculoskeletal injuries and headaches. At MindFitBody we use a variety of techniques from manual adjustments to the latest low force adjusting devices to help you get better as fast as possible.

Chiropractic also helps to ensure the nervous system can function in a balanced way. Your nervous system is vital for your healing potential and ability to function at your best.



Developed by Dr George Goodheart a Chiropractor, Kinesiology looks at the relationships in the body. This revolutionary approach allows the practitioner to quickly identify the impact of your health imbalances. It is a truly holistic approach which can be used to get an insight into your health - physically & physiologically.



Developed by Chiropractor Dr Carl Ferreri D.C., Ph.C., S.K., Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T) specifically addresses the key primal functioning systems must be well integrated as the foundation of good health. These include our Fight/Flight, Digestive, Reproductive and Immune systems.

N.O.T assists the circuitry that maintains these systems in the body and is particularly useful for people that are experiencing chronic symptoms / pain and or stress. N.O.T uses protocols that combine Neuroscience, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Meridian and Cranio-sacral therapy.



An alternative way to get you adapting to the pressures of modern life.

Neuro-Emotional Technique is used worldwide by a variety of health professionals from Chiropractors to Psychologists & Medical Doctors. Developed over 25 years ago NET continues to evolve and represent the latest science has to offer in relation to managing stress.

Unlike other traditional 'talk it out' approaches, NET utilises various modalities to help shift the way you may be reacting to unhelpful memories, experiences and events that can affect the way you experience and live your life today.

NET is regularly used to help alleviate stress, and address chronic problems - such as pain that has developed for an unknown reason. It can also be used to help with unwanted patterns in life around money, career, relationships or other limiting beliefs and behaviours. 

NET aims to help you foster more acceptance, mindfulness and presence to get more out of life! 


Video explaining the Background Concepts & Dynamics of NET (Neuro Emotional Technique).

Video explaining results from latest NET Research

Get well and Stay Well.


Nutrition can help us heal faster and also help us stay well. There are many misunderstandings about our diet and as we are all individuals with individual genetic and microbial makeup's - what might be good for someone else may not also be good for you.

We use the latest supplements to help you heal fast. We can then help you tailor a more specific individualistic diet that helps you perform at your best. 


A different way to look at how the body is working.


The stressors of modern life are changing the types of conditions that we commonly see in practice. Methylation issues, Pyrrole disorder, Heavy metals, Hormonal and Neurotransmitter dysfunction are more commonly being found to be at the cause of many mind / body problems. Our intestinal microbiome has been shown to be vital in the way we are able to digest our food and create energy. It also plays a role in how reactive or intolerant we may become to many common foods such as grains or dairy.

Functional Pathology allows us to have a greater insight to how your body is functioning and adapting in the modern world.



To get different results we need different habits. 


Health Coaching is vital as you progress from pain, illness or dysfunction towards creating better ongoing health. Often we need to change some of our bad habits and develop new healthy habits to create lasting health.

The aim is to have someone that can help to keep you accountable and also provide much needed support as you progress. This can be the difference between developing and maintaining good health or just momentary relief.

We provide many tools and support processes to help you change as your getting better.