Use Kinesiology to boost your "Money Ceiling"

As we enter into the silly season with Christmas parties, present shopping and holidays we are often given an opportunity to assess our financial situation. How much can we afford to spend on presents for our loved ones, where can we afford to go for our holidays and what can we do?

Is there is a gap between where you want to be in your life financially, and where you are right now?

If so, do you know you may have predetermined “money ceiling?” 

I have had the privilege of working with a number of stock traders over the years and they know first hand about the strong link between where their ‘head's at’ and the money they can make. I’m not referring to their stock trading abilities but more importantly where their head is at emotionally. If they are feeling anxious, a loss of confidence, or overwhelmed they may fail to see the opportunities. Or if they are feeling angry, frustrated or egoistic they may be more likely to make a decision that they may later regret.

Many have reported that they have noticed a "money ceiling" or an approximate amount that tends to be in their accounts and if they go beyond that they can expect a correction!

Have you ever felt that you seem to have a “money ceiling or set point?” An approximate amount that you seem to save (or lose) for the year after your expenses? This can be a particularly frustrating cycle especially if you're progressing with your career, earning more or working longer hours!


  Money acts as a natural magnet and, like gravity, it draws more unto itself as it accumulates.


Wealth building is partly a matter of consciousness and resonance. If you save $10, $10 opportunities appear. If you save $100, $100 opportunities appear.
Whether you save $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000, that's the size of the opportunities and associates that are magnetically drawn to you by your state of mind. - Dr John Demartini

But why is it that most of us hit that "ceiling" in the first place?

Well according to the latest research, neuroscientists have discovered that this “money ceiling” is actually wired within your subconscious brain, and it’s what is keeping you stuck right now. To change you need to shatter it and break free to more income, more freedom, and a better life.

 How to Change Your Money Ceiling!
Firstly, we have to address the subconscious filters that determine how much money we are comfortable earning, receiving, spending and giving. We also have a unique energetic value of the money we have, for instance;

I had a client come in and say “I’m earning lots more money than I ever have but my spending on new clothes, shoes, and other things I don’t need has gone through the roof! It turned out that her problem was with her subconscious filters around receiving (and saving) money and she also had distorted feelings about the value of the money she was receiving. Most of you have probably also heard how most lottery winners...The National Endowment for Financial Education points to research that estimates 70 per cent of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years!! Why they never dealt with their emotional management of the money they received.

  NET and Kinesiology are well placed to help people with these issues and I was lucky earlier this year to attend an extraordinary training event, where many like minded practitioners learnt how to quickly change your money story and unconscious money blueprint that drives your financial decisions and results.
If this is something that interests you please let me know in your next session or get in touch! There are a couple of quick tests we can do to see if your on track!


I have decided to put together a package of 3 Extended Consultations where you will get;

  1. Coaching Pack - Identifying your current financial situation, limiting beliefs, values and goals.

  2. Visit One - Your current money ceiling, clearing limiting beliefs around money and other money basics.

  3. Visit Two - Your sub - conscious money values.

  4. Visit Three - Preparing you for a different monetary future, become more open to financial opportunities, savings and experiences!!

 During these visits we will be using a combination of Coaching practices, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and and communication models and Neuro- Emotional Technique.

So if you know someone who is struggling to get ahead, always seems to sabotage their savings or wanting to amplify their earnings in 2016 then get in touch!


For more information or to book in for an appointment call me on 8667 3023!!