Starting 2016 off on the Right foot….

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

If you are like many people who want to get a fresh start in 2016, then perhaps you would like to set some New Year Resolutions or goals. In this Blog I will discuss some key strategies to help you ensure these can become new habits rather than a 2 week trial.

Christmas is also a time where we tend to indulge in all those tasty yet highly acidic foods and drinks - alcohol, the christmas ham, pudding, sugary desserts and chocolates!!

I’ll include some tips on how to to re-alkalise and get your diet back on track.

Starting 2016 off on the Right foot….

Many people want to use the time in the New Year to get some aspect of their health back on track. The diagram below shows you the foundations to good health. Simply we can break it into three main components;

Physical Health; Health related to the Physical Body. Can be affected by things like; Poor posture, lack of exercise, tissue damage or a nervous system that isn’t functioning correctly.

Physiological Health; Health relating to the way your body works. Such as; Getting the nutrients you need and avoiding the things that will create toxicity.

Psychological Health; Health relating to you Mindset (beliefs and behaviours). Such as engaging in the experiences that make us feel happy, purposeful, fulfilled, loved and connected with others. Or learning how to cope better mentally with the challenges / deficiencies in this area.


An integrated approach to recovering from and maintaining your state of health & well-being is essential in today's world. Our complexities have meant that the distinct areas of our life are much less defined and more intertwined. Therefore stress or imbalance in one area can influence other areas much more rapidly.

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If you found some healthy ways to celebrate Christmas and the New Year - congratulations, you will be ready to start the year with good health.

If you have indulged a bit too much over the Christmas period don’t worry, you're not alone. This will often cause a change in our bodies ph level creating a more acidic environment. This is called acidosis.

Chronic acidosis corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked, will interrupt many cellular activities and functions. The process of acid waste breakdown and disposal leads to irritation and inflammation, accelerating the ageing process and the likelihood of chronic illnesses.

The best way to combat acidosis is to drink plenty of water, minimise your processed foods and meats and eat plenty of alkaline foods following the 80/20 rule.



  1. Spinach

  2. Kale

  3. Cucumber

  4. Broccoli

  5. Avocado

  6. Celery

  7. Sprouts

Setting New Year's Resolutions.... that last!

  1. First review the levels of satisfaction in your life over the last 12 months with this simple chart.


2. Take a look at this list and decide what the most important 2-3 areas you would like to start to improve on.

If your looking at your chart and thinking - “I’d like to improve everything!” That’s ok but one of the key reasons New Year’s resolutions fail is because we try to change too much all at once.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and drastically underestimate what they can do in ten.” - Anthony Robbins

3. Set Your Goals - Keep Them Simple - and Realistic.

When your setting resolutions it’s a good idea to make sure they are in the S.M.A.R.T format. Most of us have used or heard of setting our goals in this format. To refresh, your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound.

Actually, M-A/R-S-T is often the best way to write these goals. Measurable is the most important consideration.

Keep them simple.

4. It takes 1-3 months to create new habits - Make sure you can enjoy journey and create a habit through routine.

The key to lasting New Years resolutions is to make sure that there is enough motivation and enjoyment to continue an activity. If you're not going to enjoy it or the benefits it will bring you may need to rethink the goal.

Remember sometimes the all or nothing principle is just not realistic. Instead of declaring I will go to the gym 6 times a week - it may be more realistic to set a goal allows you to incorporate different activities into your day eg - I will incorporate 30min of exercise into my day with no less than 3 gym sessions per week.

It’s still specific but allows us to be flexible - failing at our set goals is one of the biggest reasons we will stop. Don't be too hard on yourself if you slip up!

5. Be Aware Of Sabotaging Behaviours.

Sabotages are when we behave in a way that goes against what we really want. A example of this may be eating a block of chocolate despite trying to lose 5 kilos.

Sabotages are a result of an unwanted subconscious belief that is in the way of what you want. If you recognise these types of patterns it is important that you find a way to deal with it. The fastest way I have found to help is through NET (Neuro- Emotional Technique). It helps you to quickly identify the cause of the sabotage and break the pattern of behaviour for good!

I hope this helps you to get 2016 off with a bang and enjoy a happy, healthy and productive year!